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 Tytuł: The Overdose Defence
Post: 02 mar 2008, 22:27 
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Pomyślałem, że warto docenić wysiłek i promować już stosunkowo dawno temu zaprezentowane przez Greybeard'a na forum Overdose filmiki The Overdose Defence ukazujące przejście gry na traumie :) miłego oglądania :)

Cataclysm (Cat)

Japanese Massacre (JM)

Desert (Des 1 & Des 2)

Asteroid (Ast)

Dead Marsh (DM)

Riot (Riot)

Nuclear Plant (Nuc 1 & Nuc 2)

Animal Farm (AF)

Field Ambulance (FA)

Ragnarok (Rag 1 & Rag 2)

Haunted Valley (HV)

Village of the Damned (VD)

Studios (Stu)

Loony Park (LP)

Air Combat (AC 1 & AC 2)

IMHO playing Overdose on Trauma is much harder than PK or BooH.  The new monsters are faster and do more damage.  There is definitely less health about.  On the whole, it favours the twitchy, run'n'gun player, which I am definitely not!  I survived by making good use of those defensive positions I could find. As I progressed, I recorded the best of these.

By "defensive position", I mean a spot or area that gave me good cover, allowed me to pick off the enemy with minimum movement and let me do this mainly with RazorCube and Crossbow.  That said, occasionally, unloading all the ammo in my arsenal was the order of the day!  Few of these positions are foolproof.  I try to illustrate what to do but you will have to make them work for you.  However, if you're being slaughtered in a particular level, they might offer some respite.

All these vids were recorded on Trauma on version 75.3 of Overdose (pre-patch).  Powermad version 1.2 was installed for bug fixes but never used to 'cheat'.  The Black Tarot was set up with Hellish Armour, Fear, Fury, Iron Will and The Sceptre or Assault depending on the enemies.  You won't see the Gold Cards used in any of the vids.  No attempt was made to achieve the Tarot Card conditions, 5*ing or no-scratch.  Surviving was quite enough!

Lastly, these vids were not meant to be hugely entertaining.  Camping has its limitations, so if you're looking for head-long action, these may not be your thing.  I've tried to edit them down to make them as 'snappy' as possible while trying to leave enough in to show what to do.  I've also added some very literal soundtracks to pass the minutes pleasantly.  You might even be amused by some of the places I found.  However, they are meant primarily as a helping hand for those who are finding Trauma as hard as I did.  They may not help you in that narrow corridor when enemies spawn in from all directions but they might allow you to keep up your health up so you can survive it.

Cataclysm (Cat).  A tough start to the game.  A few camping spots and a couple of good defensive positions.

Japanese Massacre (JM).  I was, indeed, massacred on this level!  I found this the most consistently tough level, with little respite.  Only one decent defensive position and a bit of fun.

Desert (Des 1 & Des 2).  A defender's delight, so these are two, quite long vids.  "Des 1" shows all the good camping spots through the early part of the game, especially if you enjoy climbing.  "Des 2" shows a defence of the Golden Pool area and a complete recording of the final battle because I couldn't believe that Mindware meant to make it this easy!

Asteroid (Ast).  A couple of good camping spots and a Lemmings moment*

Dead Marsh (DM).  Generally accepted as a tough level.  Here's a couple of camping spots that might just save your bottom.  The second is insane but better than being beaten up by Tentacles.  Also, an almost-Lemmings moment*.

Riot.  I hate Riot Cops!  However, there are a lot of good defensive opportunities early on to save your health for the final parts.

Nuclear Plant (Nuc 1 & Nuc 2).  Lots of defensive opportunities throughout.  "Nuc 1" covers the early stages with ideas for the two warehouses.  "Nuc 2" covers the rest.  I quite liked my solution for the train shed.

Animal Farm (AF).  Lots of places to stay safe.  I particularly liked Using the trucks in the early sections. There's also an OTT way to tackle the "Last Food" joint. 

Field Ambulance (FA).  I would have thought everyone had found the best spot to tackle the Battlefield but it's here anyway, along with camping through the opening section in the Trench and the Field Hospital.

Ragnarok (Rag 1 & Rag 2).  There are plenty of buildings, rocks and icebergs of which to take advantage to preserve health for the final run in with that "little doggie".  At the end of "Rag 2", there's a very silly and pointlessly dangerous Lemmings moment* that I've included just for fun.

Haunted Valley (HV).  Like Desert, a good one for climbers but lots of other opportunities as well.  This level caused me some problems first time through but Trauma was pretty straightforward using these spots.

Village of the Damned (VD). Quite a few good places.  The area outside the Meeting House and inside the Church take patience but they're safe.

Studios (Stu).  Another level with a reputation for being tough.  Most of the spots here take a little effort to work for you.  Let's face it, where there's an Electrician there's imminent death.  Which is why I like the final camping spot so much!

Loony Park (LP).  If you've played BooH, the opening is a cinch and you should end up with good health and armour.  I took the opportunity to cause a few more Lemmings moments*.  There are two good camping spots to help with the rest of the level

Air Combat (AC 1 & AC 2).  I was dreading this on Trauma.  "AC 1" covers the opening 3 sections which are seriously hard.  Unfortunately, you need to keep your health up because you won't see more for some time.  I have included "strategies" for each of them. These eventually worked for me when run'n'gun was wiping me out every time but we are not talking "no-scratch", here!  Once you survive these, the level eases right back and "AC 2" includes a number of good defensive opportunities.


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 Tytuł: Odp: The Overdose Defence
Post: 03 sty 2010, 16:05 
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